low voltage design

Why is Low Voltage Design Ideal for New Construction?

The new building construction emphasizes on the energy efficient designs. Therefore, low voltage designs are gaining popularity throughout the world. Wiring low voltage into the sustainable home designs helps to reduce the consumption of the energy and keep the home’s environment friendly. Let’s take a deep dive to learn about the low voltage wiring and […]

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green building

Top 5 Advantages of Green Building

Sustainable building approaches are growing and for a variety of good reasons. Today, more and more commercial buildings are constructed using green techniques that minimize a harmful effect on the environment while saving a lot of extra costs.

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sustainable design construction

5 Principles of Sustainable Design Construction

Construction of a building means utilizing energy resources, materials and a lot of water. More than that, construction generates waste that is unfit for the environment. Hence, building owners look for sustainable design construction to minimize the environment’s impact.

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How does ventilation assist with preventing the spread of COVID-19?

As India manages the second wave of COVID-19, the public authority has delivered another arrangement of ‘simple to follow guidelines to prevent the infection. The Union government’s principal logical counselor K Vijay Raghavan delivered the advisory ‘Stop the Transmission, Crush the Pandemic – Masks, Distance, Sanitation, and Ventilation to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus’ […]

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How can Engineering Systems assist with reducing the spread of COVID-19?

Engineers consider themselves to be issue solvers, and the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated to be an issue like no other. While immunizations against the coronavirus are being produced and conveyed, engineers are taking a gander at indoor spaces, which have been involved in cultivating the spread of the infection. Even after the populace has created […]

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