Over the last several years, owners have increasingly realized the benefits of independent commissioning and LEED® Certification. Benefits such as lower utility bills, improved environmental health and comfort, improved employee productivity, lower maintenance and operation costs, and improved occupancy safety are compelling. When coupled with a broad public awareness of sustainability and green concepts you have a persuasive argument for commissioning.

We realize that every client has their own specific needs and goals and that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we spend focused time up front getting to know the client and finding out what their real needs and goals are. We prepare a wide range of commissioning services from On-Monitoring Based Commissioning to being the client’s Commissioning Authority (CxA) to depending on the client and his needs. 

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With an in-house Commissioning team, our experienced group of commissioning engineers and Certified Commissioning Agents, we provide extensive services in:

  • Fundamental LEED Commissioning
  • Enhanced LEED Commissioning
  • CHPS Commissioning
  • Verifying the Owner’s Basis of Design
  • Design Review Commenting
  • Commissioning Plan
  • Verification and Performance Testing
  • Operational & Maintenance Training Program
  • Third Party Commissioning Authority