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Budlong & Associates, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary engineering design firm that provides mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services (MEP) to architectural firms as well as acting as the prime and project manager for various industrial facility projects. Founded in 1958, B&A has served facilities, industrial, and private sector clients in and around the Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara County areas.


Our philosophy and goal are to team with our clients to provide high quality, accurate and cost-effective engineering designs based on predetermined budgets, schedules, relevant code requirements, and good engineering practice. 

B&A strives to be responsive, professional, provide effective communication, coordinate efforts between the various disciplines and to be courteous in all our interactions and endeavors.


  • Never Settle for Simply “Satisfying” Your Client

  • Be the Easiest Person to do Business With

  • Be a Leader

  • Be Responsive

  • Be a “Warrior” for Your Client
  • Make Your Client “The Hero” in Every Case
  • When You Make a Mistake that Causes a Problem…
  • Be a Friend to Your Client
  • Know Your Real Job
  • Take Immediate Ownership of Your Client’s Problem
  • Dress Like a Leader


The B&A mechanical department focuses on creating comfortable and healthy environments for facility occupants. Engineers and designers consider the efficient use and distribution of energy while continually providing the highest level of expertise within the mechanical discipline.


B&A electrical designers start their work for service upgrades with site visits to observe existing electrical distribution systems and capacity. Then staff designers provide a layout for the electrical/main service, provide a single line diagram, load calculations and panel schedules, and provide short circuit calculations.


We develop long-term relationships with our clients, representing businesses.


The B&A plumbing department contains motivated professionals who have experience delivering top-level design while incorporating methods to meet the clients’ objectives while using sustainable practices. Our designers’ work includes preparing calculations & designs.


B&A has LEED APs on staff, and we have provided professional services on LEED projects. Our staff receives ongoing training in implementing energy codes and we provide strong encouragement for additional designers to become LEED APs.

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