The Webb School
Renovation of Appleby Dormitories
Project TypeEducation
LocationClaremont, California
ClientPage & Turnbull
Size14,000 sf

Project Details

The existing building is two-story of approximately 14,000 square feet. The intent of the renovations is to

1) Provide individually controllable heating, air conditioning, and ventilation to each dorm room and
2) Provide single-occupant rooms by splitting the double rooms into two rooms to create single rooms.

To that end, the scope will include the addition of plumbing connections to the newly divided rooms for sinks, as well as updated lighting within each room and around the building for egress and security purposes. The building consists of the main lobby, centralized showers on the first and second floor, 36 single dorm rooms, faculty residence, storage rooms, phone rooms, kitchen area, janitors room, trash room, and circulating areas.