Eagle Rock HS Barrier Removal
Project TypeEducation
LocationEagle Rock, CA

Project Details

Budlong worked on another MEP engineering endeavor that’s rewriting the story of accessibility and progress. Budlong proudly took the lead on a High School ADA Barrier removal project at the esteemed Eagle Rock High School. With our expertise and commitment, we tackled over 1,400 barrier tasks, reshaping spaces to modern standards.

Our professional electrical and plumbing engineering design services breathed new life into the school, setting the stage for a more inclusive future. Our team updated the restrooms, classroom sinks, drinking fountains, and the elevator to allow for accessibility needs.

Eagle Rock High School, merely a 10-minute drive from our Glendale office, stands as a symbol of educational excellence. Their International Baccalaureate program shines as one of the originals in all of LAUSD, a testament to their dedication to nurturing bright minds.

The school’s dynamic spirit extends further with an Engineering grant from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, paving the way for a visionary 4-year engineering curriculum track. With a diverse student population, including Latine and Asian students, Eagle Rock High School stands as a vibrant hub of learning and inclusivity.

At Budlong, we are honored to contribute our expertise to projects that shape a more accessible and empowered world. Together with Eagle Rock High School, we’re painting a canvas of progress that celebrates diversity, education, and the boundless power of engineering.