Los Angeles Unified School District Central Region #14 Elementary School (New Construction)
Project TypeEducation
Design Start2004
Construction Completion DateAugust 2011
Cost$68.7 Million (Approximately 4,000 design hours/24 months)

Project Details

Budlong provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing, fire alarm and low-voltage systems design for the new 69,000 SF school with a partially underground parking structure. This school was completed in 2011. It received an Award of Honor from the Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH)/AIACC Leroy Greene Design Awards Program. The school exceeded Title 24 requirements by more than 25% to be a CHPS school and contains solar panels and other sustainable design features.

CRES #14 was a design-bid-build project; however, B&A was active throughout the construction process, coordinating with the construction team similar to a design-build project. We attended partnering workshops with Swinerton, the architect and the rest of the team, along with frequent site visits during construction.